Telecom Network Lifecycle Management Value Optimization

Belmont’s Telecom Network Solutions Group provides a broad range of value recovery and asset management services for all types of telecom equipment, including wireless network infrastructure, wireline central office equipment, and data communications infrastructure.

Our telecom network lifecycle management solutions draw upon an overarching program approach covering the following steps and services:



For clients seeking to extract value from used or excess telecom equipment inventory, we can work with you to develop a solution that best suits your needs by:

  • Assembling the right program components from the services above
  • Defining financial terms—which can range from Belmont purchasing the equipment from you to a consignment model—that work best for your business.

Case study

To see how we helped one client not only extract more value from used telecom equipment but also significantly reduce the environmental impact of the equipment removal program, check out this case study.

To see how Belmont successfully partnered with four other firms to provide a sweeping global solution to a major OEM’s telecom equipment disposition needs, check out this case study.

Current equipment inventory samples

Belmont is constantly acquiring new and like-new telecom network equipment. See the table below for some examples, and contact us if you’d like to learn more.

 Part Number   Description   Manufacturer   Condition 
123474 PCU 10.48D NK Power-One Used
123968 PMP 11.48 SIC Power-One Used
124191 RM 1000 Power-One Used
132551 PCU 10.48 N02 SUB1 Power-One Used
135145 PCU 10.48 N02 SUB2 Power-One Used
137211 PCU 10.48 N02 SUB5 Power-One Used
1-150312 PCU 10.48 NO2 SUB10 Power-One Used
S30861-Q2014-X M:COBA2P8V1 Siemens Used
S30861-Q2150-X M:COBA2P8V2 Siemens Used
S30861-Q2206-X M:COBA4P12V1 Siemens Used
S30861-Q2207-X M:COSA4P12V1 Siemens Used
S30861-Q2209-X M:COSA6P16V2 Siemens Used
S30861-Q2210-X M:COREXTV1 Siemens Used
S30861-Q2281-X M:COBA4P12V2 Siemens Used
S30861-U2008-X AC/DCV1 Siemens Used
S30861-U2090-X CUGV4 Siemens Used
S30861-U2095-X DUAMCO2GV3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2099-X DUAMCO4GV3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2111-X FIPLUB2RV3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2112-X FIPLUX2RV3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2240-X FANV5 Siemens Used
S30861-U2325-X ECUGV3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2329-X GCUGV2 Siemens Used
S30861-U2388-X ECUDHPV3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2390-X DCBCTRLM-2V1 Siemens Used
S30861-U2392-X FDUAMCOEGV1 Siemens Used
S30861-U2393-X FDUAMCODV1 Siemens Used
S30861-U2400-X ECUGV3A Siemens Used
S30861-U2401-X ECUDHPV3A Siemens Used
S30861-U2406-X FCUGV1 Siemens Used
S30861-U2410-X FDUAMCOEGV2 Siemens Used
S30861-U2411-X FDUAMCODV2 Siemens Used
S30861-U2414-X COAMCO8G8V1 Siemens Used
S30861-U2435-X FDUAMCOEGV3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2459-X DCBCTRLM Siemens Used
S30861-U2463-X FANV6 Siemens Used
S30861-U2483-X AC/DCM-2V4 Siemens Used
S30861-U2501-X MFDUAMCOEGV2 Siemens Used
S30861-U2505-X HYBRID4G8V2 Siemens Used
S30861-U2512-X DCBCTRLM-2V3 Siemens Used
S30861-U2526-X COAMCO 8G8V6 Siemens Used
S30861-U4296-X AC/DCDV1 Siemens Used
S30861-U486-X DUCOM4G Siemens Used
ZM 20 04 115 PMP 6.48 SIC Power-One Used
ZM 23 04 100 PMP 10.48 SIC Power-One Used
ZM 23 04 110 RM 1000 Power-One Used
ZU 20 04 001 PCU 6.48 Power-One Used
ZU 23 04 100 PCU 10.24-48D Power-One Used
BBU3900 Base Station Huawei New
RRU3936 Base Station Huawei New
34060365 Optical Transceiver 4,25G 850nm Huawei New
2239349 3900 Series DBS site Auxiliary Mtrl Kit Huawei New
2120731 Dc Power Distribution Unit DCDU-12B Huawei New
2315639 Universal Environment Interface Control Unit Huawei New
2319897 UPEU -48V 8A Huawei New
03030LPM Main control and transport unit GTMU Huawei New
29080025 MBTS DBS Cable suite label Huawei New
2120577 BBU3900 Server fan Huawei New
02310MNR RRU3936 for Multimode 1800MHz Huawei New
21150763 RRU Integrated mount kit Huawei New
02230PHD RRU auxmaterials package wireless Huawei New