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Brazil is one of the top 10 economies in the world and has one of the biggest electronics industrial parks.
To achieve competitiveness in this selective market, Belmont Trading Company established a subsidiary in Brazil to meet specific requirements for the country, such as:
  • Fiscal and tax regulations
  • Manaus Free Trade Zone requirements
  • Environmental requirements

Belmont Brazil headquarters is located in the state of São Paulo, home to an electronics high technology park, to better serve the electronics companies located in and around that area. The main worldwide electronics companies are located in the state, where they produce networking equipment, cellular phones, computers, peripherals, and more.
Belmont Brazil also has a branch in Manaus in order to better serve the large electronics parks in that city. Manaus is the second largest city in Brazil and is home to a number of industries, and the Manaus Free Trade Zone has unique regulations and incentives. In addition, the city has the largest number of electronics facilities focused in areas of consumer electronics and telecom industries.

Belmont facilities in Brazil are ISO 9001:2008 certified.