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Belmont Trading Company knows the technological market is rapidly evolving and product life cycles are constantly decreasing with every new merchandise release. We are passionate about finding alternative markets for outdated and obsolete inventory that both expands the product value and protects the world's resources.

Our History

Belmont Trading Company and SiPi Metals started working to expand business to South America focusing in Brazil with its’ unique regulations in terms of foreign trade, fiscal and environmental requirements. Operations first started in São Paulo with the first shipment of material exported out for recycling purposes. Belmont Brazil Manaus operations was then established, working in the unique free trade zone requirements in the middle of the Amazon rain forest. Expansion of our customer base increased with some of the biggest worldwide telecom and consumer electronics companies. New expansion of our customer base grew through components and network equipment areas. Obtained our license to export cellular phone batteries (NIMH and NICD) to Mexico for recycling purposes.


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Belmont Trading Company was founded in Chicago in 1988 and still maintains headquarters outside the city. Learn more about the company history and its growth to a worldwide provider of electronic recycling and reuse solutions.


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