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More than two decades have passed since the growth of the electronic industry in Colombia and Latin America began. Currently, there are millions of users who year after year discard thousands of devices and accessories which clearly represent the so-called “Electronic Scrap”, one of the most contaminating factors in the environment nowadays.

But today, thanks to companies such as Belmont Trading, it is possible to extend the life cycle of these products through buyback programs, which are aligned to the Waste Management Hierarchy, the first option being the reuse of these devices and then, handling them in an environmentally safe way minimizing environmental impact.

Our History

In 2007, operating from offices in the World Trade Center, Belmont Trading Colombia was selected by wireless industry leaders as environmental manager for recycling cell phones and accessories, thus completing the chain that forms the post-consumer plan, supported by the Ministry of Environment, Housing, and Territorial Development.

In the following years, Belmont has positioned as a nationally recognized company for the adequate management of telecommunication devices, participating in campaigns and acting as speaker at the 2nd Hazardous Waste International Congress, organized by the MAVDT and CVC. Belmont is well-known for actively participating in legislation and regulation of the mobile telecommunication matter in the country.

Aligned with the environmental policies and the economic efficiency for our clients, since 2014, Belmont has been developing post-consumption programs in partnership with the top manufacturers and operators, which are focused on the reuse of mobile devices intending to maximize these products’ life cycle and easing access to new technologies

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Belmont Trading Company was founded in Chicago in 1988 and still maintains headquarters outside the city. Learn more about the company history and its growth to a worldwide provider of electronic recycling and reuse solutions.


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