Telecom Network Lifecycle

Belmont’s Telecom Network Solutions Group provides a broad range of value recovery and asset management services for all types of telecom equipment, including wireless network infrastructure, wireline central office equipment, and data communications infrastructure.

Our telecom network lifecycle management solutions draw upon an overarching program approach covering the following steps and services:


For clients seeking to extract value from used or excess telecom equipment inventory, we can work with you to develop a solution that best suits your needs by:

  • Assembling the right program components from the services above
  • Defining financial terms—which can range from Belmont purchasing the equipment from you to a consignment model—that work best for your business.

Case study

To see how we helped one client not only extract more value from used telecom equipment but also significantly reduce the environmental impact of the equipment removal program, check out this case study.

To see how Belmont successfully partnered with four other firms to provide a sweeping global solution to a major OEM’s telecom equipment disposition needs, check out this case study.