There are dozens of companies you can choose from to recycle and/or remarket your used or excess electronic products. What sets Belmont apart is our passion for tailoring value-optimizing solutions to our clients’ most difficult eMaterials management problems—along with the unique breadth of capabilities we bring to bear in the creation of these solutions.

These capabilities are summarized below (click for detail).

We offer stand-alone services made up of sets of these capabilities; for example, we partner with some clients to perform asset identification, triage, and data erasure. These standard services have straightforward inputs, outputs, metrics, and pricing models, and we perform them for numerous satisfied clients around the world.

However, the true value of partnering with Belmont comes from our ability to combine these services into solutions tailored to your business needs, coupled with the benefits of our global footprint, environmental credentials, and security measures:

  • Global footprint: Our 11 offices (ten of which are processing facilities) on four continents virtually guarantee that wherever you do business, Belmont is close by. We can provide support for import/export operations in more than 150 countries, making us the preferred partner for Global 1000 clients who need help managing their global eMaterials value chain. Our processing facilities in eight countries—along with our access to distribution channels on every continent—allow us to find the highest value, most environmentally sustainable “next life” for all kinds of eMaterials. The spectrum of next-life options can range from remarketing whole devices for reuse to responsibly recycling Beyond Economic Repair (BER) or End of Life (EoL) materials to extract reusable components and metals.
  • Environmental credentials: We exceed or strive to exceed local environmental regulations in every country in which we operate; each of our processing facilities is certified and licensed by the appropriate local authorities, and each holds certifications granted by ISO and other non-governmental organizations. For information related to a specific facility’s certifications, refer to our Global Facilities page.
  • Security measures: Our clients include some of the biggest names in mobile devices, telecom equipment, computing equipment, power storage, and consumer electronics. One reason these brands trust us with their eMaterials is because we have some of the highest security standards in the industry, which allow us to ensure the security of clients’ eMaterials and the data they contain as well as the integrity of their intellectual property and brand.

Industries served

 Mobile devices  Telecom network equipment  Computing equipment  Other electronic materials
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Components:
    • Boards
    • LCDs
    • Digitizers
    • Other components
  • Central office equipment and fixed network wireline equipment
  • Cellphone infrastructure and non-cellphone wireless equipment
  • Data communications including routers, switches, and other network-related devices
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Peripherals
  • Components:
    • Motherboards
    • Storage
    • Screens
    • Keyboards
    • Other components
  • Industrial and household batteries
  • Cables and chargers
  • Accessories
  • Other consumer electronics

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