Belmont Trading began operations with local support in Colombia in October 2006 in order to attend the Southern Cone and Andean pact.

In 2007, operating from offices in the World Trade Center, Belmont Trading Colombia was selected by wireless industry leaders as environmental manager for recycling cell phones and accessories, thus completing the chain that forms the post-consumer plan, supported by the Ministry of Environment, Housing, and Territorial Development.

In 2008, Belmont Trading Colombia was selected to manage the first multinational computer manufacturer to join the initiative of the Ministry of Environment in computer recycling. In addition, Belmont Trading Colombia organized the first Congress of Integrated Management of Electronic Waste in Colombia, with the participation of our partners in the region (Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay).

Belmont representatives, participating as speakers, shared their expertise in the second International Congress on Hazardous Waste, organized by the Ministry of Environment and CVC. In November, the campaign launched e-waste collection in San Andres Island and moved to a new headquarters and warehousing operations in the Terminal Terrestre de Carga de Bogotá.

In 2009, Belmont Trading Colombia successfully completed the “San Andres Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, e-waste free,” led by the Ministry of Environment, Housing, and Territorial Development, while continuing its growth as a major environmental manager in the region.

Belmont Trading in the region

Our company is the first environmental manager in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Venezuela to launch campaigns to recycle cellular equipment operators and manufacturers, which it has done in each of these countries since 2007.