Purpose, Values, Vision


Watch Igor Boguslavsky, our founder and CEO, discuss his “Why” behind his motivation for opening Belmont Trading Company with Andy Swindler on Andy’s Why’s Guy advisor.tv show. As Igor explains, his “Why” emerged from his childhood experiences in the former Soviet Union. Limited resources in his home country meant learning how to give belongings a second life through his creative reuse capabilities. Fast forward to 1988, in Chicago, IL, and his desire to never be wasteful with his possessions formed the inspiration behind Belmont Trading Company. Click the video to learn more!

S3: E5 Igor Boguslavsky, Founder, CEO, and Owner of Belmont Trading Company


Belmont Trading Company exists to make the world sustainable for future generations by creating responsible and ethical reuse and recycling solutions by managing and recapturing value from used electronic equipment in the global market.

Value What it Means to Us
Transparent Internally with each other and externally with our customers and partners, Belmont will always provide transparent information about our reuse and recycling process.
Environmentally Conscious Our company was founded with a commitment to sustainability with the goal of reusing every piece of equipment that enters our facility.
Flexible We understand that change in our industry is constant; we choose to adapt and thrive rather than resist.
Results Driven We establish and closely track rigorous key performance indicators and goals, striving to optimize client results while keeping revenue growth and profitability in mind.
Team-Oriented We put the goals, needs and success of the team above our own; we believe that if the team succeeds then we as individuals succeed.
Continuous Self-Improvement We pursue positive intent and alignment. When in doubt we seek out clarification from ours peers, clients, and partners to take responsibility for our shortcomings and address them with sincerity.
Fun-Loving In our work and interpersonal relationships, we always strive to have fun, help others, and be happy and peaceful.


In pursuit of our purpose and consistent with our values, Belmont will provide global leadership by promoting and adhering to strict environmental, ethical, quality, safety, and data sanitization standards.