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Services and solutions


Belmont offers a complete B2B program for mobile device value recovery. Generally speaking, we purchase your old or redundant mobile devices, perform data sanitization, triage and device grading as well as provide fair market value for all received devices; regardless of condition.

Trade-in Program for Retail

Our fully automated POS system enables you to attract customers and creative additional traffic to your retail location by offering market value for their old mobile devices. Our system guarantees data sanitization and device verification before value is determined. Often the value is used as a discount for the purchase of a new device.

St. Petersburg

Belmont Trading East LLC
Address: Russia, 196247, Saint-Petersburg,
Leninskiy prospect, 153 – office 513

Phone: +7 812 242 82 51

Services and solutions

ITAM and Remarketing

Belmont’s IT Asset Management provides a solution for older, obsolete or redundant IT equipment; including network telecom and Data-Center equipment. We take these device in, test, data-wipe and determine the best overall value stream for your assets.

Value recovery/Recycling

We offer a full suite of recycling and reuse solutions for a wide variety of electronic materials. Whether we recycle or reuse your obsolete inventory, Belmont Trading Company always finds secure solutions that follow the strictest international guidelines. We work with you to develop solutions that are responsive, environmentally friendly, and maximize your financial returns through aggressive revenue sharing.

Network telecom

Belmont’s Telecom Network Solutions Group provides a broad range of value recovery and asset management services for all types of telecom equipment, including wireless network infrastructure, wireline central office equipment, and data communications infrastructure.

Our telecom network lifecycle management solutions draw upon an overarching program approach covering the following steps and services.

For clients seeking to extract value from used or excess telecom equipment inventory, we work with you to develop a solution that best suits your needs by:

  1. Assembling the right program components from the services above
  2. Defining financial terms—which can range from Belmont purchasing the equipment from you to a consignment model—that work best for your business.
  3. Ensure data destruction for all devices regardless of service

Data destruction services

Belmont Trading Company realizes how important the data is. We take maximum care to provide you with a comprehensive “data safe” solution across all segments and verticals. Data sanitization is an integral part of our business processes.

Services can be delivered on-site (on premise) or off-site (in a Belmont secured facility). We utilize three types of data destruction methods: Data Wipe, Degaussing & Shredding. CODD (Certificate of Data Destruction) and COD (Certificate of Disposal) reporting are available for all lots processed through Belmont.

Belmont LLC registered (Belmont Renew TM ) to be marketed to future Trade-in clients, suppliers & web developers as Belmont’s mobile phone buy back company in Russia which currently services over 8500 POS. The current trade-in support team which is located in Moscow is currently working with several of the biggest OEM, operators and retailers in Russia. “Belmont Renew” over time will likely be re-branded and marketed globally to support Belmont’s global trade-in initiatives.”

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